Thank you for booking a shoot with me. Once your request is received, I will send a response with the available times for the day you have chosen. I will also send an invoice via PayPal. To officially book that day and time you must pay a 50% deposit. I can't wait to shoot with you! -LaRue C.

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Please note that choosing extra services such as hair, makeup and wardrobe styling will incur the rates set my that specific professional and is not subject to any control via LaRue C. Rates may be included in the invoice for the shoot or you may receive a separate invoice from the specific professional(s). Photo delivery: All photos will be delivered via digital delivery (email and/or Dropbox[removed from Dropbox after 30 days]). Prints are available for an additional cost (cost varies based on size and quantity requested). The best photos will be selected for retouching at the discretion of LaRue C. A client review will be done directly preceding the shoot to ensure complete satisfaction. If you have any questions please email

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