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Fellow FEAST!ers, no cooking skills are required, all you need is love!

We have only been running for a year and a half, but have already won a prestigious Mitzvah Day award – for most-sustainable project - and are attracting volunteers from all walks of life to join in the fun!

We aim to start at 5.30pm and wrap-up by 8.30pm, but you are welcome to join for as much/little as you can commit!

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Lovely to meet you, {{answer_105124728}}. Every Thursday we save surplus food, donated by the local Sainsburys and Aldi, that would otherwise have been thrown in the bin! WOW! We take all this food to Conway House, a local hostel in Kilburn, and turn it all into a delicious and nutritious, communal, vegetarian FEAST! that we all enjoy eating together!

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